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EMS Stinger 4424 ECU Kit

EMS Stinger 4424 ECU Kit
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This ECU Kit is exclusive to Sitech Racing as we are the sole importer of EMS Systems in the UK.

This kit has been tried & Tested on various cars 

We are currently running this on a customers Ford Escort RS Turbo running a High spec ZVH Engine powerwise it makes 480+Bhp 

This ecu out preforms the competition and in our eyes is one of the best on the market! Due to is Extremly fast processor and cost effective price.


General Specifications

  •  4 Injector Drivers
  •  4 Ignition Drivers
  •  4 General Purpose Output Drivers
  •  1 Digital Inputs.
  •  Magnetic or Hall Cam and Crank Input
  •  High RF suppression. 
  •  Low heat generation.
  •  Waterproof connector with gold plated contacts.
  •  Case material is durable anodized aluminium.
  •  Surface mount component circuit design.
  •  Temperature range -40 to 85 Celsius.
  •  Operating voltage 6 – 25 Volts.
  •  Reverse Battery Protection.

Computer Software

  • Real-time online tuning
  • Tune Analyzer.
  • Data logging and analysis software.


  • Full Sequential ignition (coil-on-plug)
  • Directly connect to most OEM ignition systems
  • Programmable ignition dwell
  • Timing accuracy / resolution 0.2 degrees
  • Dual 32X21 user definable tune maps.
  • Dual Map trim control.

Trigger Sensors

  •  Compatible with most OEM trigger systems.
  •  Magnetic, hall or optical cam & crank inputs.
  •  Automatic magnetic sensors calibration.
  •  Selectable trigger patterns for most engine manufacturers.


  • Automatic battery voltage compensation.
  • Injection resolution is 2 micro seconds.
  • Dual 32X21 user definable tune maps.
  • Dual Map trim control.
  • Automatic Staged injection activation.

Input Sensors

  • 5 Standard inputs.
  • 1 programmable digital inputs.
  • 1 Wide band lambda inputs.

Output Drivers

  •  4 Selectable PWM / Digital. e.g. boost control.

Special Functions

  • Closed Loop lambda control.
  • Dual mode turbo anti lag  (Drag or Rally).
  • Dual mode RPM Limit (hard and soft).
  • Two-Step rev limiter.
  • Nitrous oxide control.
  • Engine load idle-up control. (air con, power steering)
  • Programmable sensor calibration tables.
  • Acceleration enrichment.
  • Deceleration fuel cut.
  • Cold start and Warm start compensation adjustment.

Data Logging 

  • Unlimited logging to laptop computer.
  • User selectable ECU parameters to log.
  • Log to the EMS Plug n Play Mini Data Logger. 


We offer a fitting & Mapping service with all of our ecu kits, If this is somthing you are looking to do then please contact us for a quote! 






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