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Scorpion 3 inch De-Cat pipe

Scorpion 3 inch De-Cat pipe
Product Code: EXS002
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Ex Tax: £99.17
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Ford Focus RS Mk2 Scorpion High Flow De-Cat Section - This pipe removes the restrictive Cat completely, allowing greater flow thoughout the rev range.

Expect more popping, an enhanced exhaust-note and fundamentally more power!

Please Note: An exhaust system without a catalytic converter will NOT pass a UK emmission test and therfore not intended for Road Use. Therefore rendering the car incapable of passing an MOT - which in-turn may invalidate your current insurance policy.

This pipe may bring on your MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) on your dashboard. If you have a Bluefin Superchip, it is possible to turn off this warning. Resetting the KAM (removing Fuse 26 for an hour, when car is not running) will also turn this light off for a period of time for those without an ECU remap

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