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EMS Stinger 4424 ECU Kit
This ECU Kit is exclusive to Sitech Racing as we are the sole importer of EMS Systems in the UK. ..
Ex Tax: £599.00
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Focus RS MK2 & ST225 Forged Piston kit
  Wiseco 83mm Piston Set for Ford Focus ST225/RS. Complete set of 5 pistons, include..
Ex Tax: £733.33
Focus RS Mk2 Bilstein B16 Coilover Kit
  Focus RS Mk2 Bilstein B16 Suspension Kit   After 7 months of development ..
Ex Tax: £1,245.83
Focus RS/ST Valve Spring Upgrade
These valve springs have made to work with our custom camshafts  They are single coil s..
Ex Tax: £320.00
Scorpion 3inch Sports Cat Pipe
  The catalyst is a key component in emission control. It is also the most restrictive c..
Ex Tax: £358.20
Sitech custom ZVH Stage 5 Camshaft
This camshaft is designed to work with GT30 spec turbos We have already had 1 car do 480+Bhp..
Ex Tax: £190.00
Based on 1 reviews.
On the standatd mount fitted to the 2.5l 5 cylinder engine, it has a tapped hole to bolt into for..
Ex Tax: £199.17
Sitech Racing Custom spec Camshaft (Stage 1)
The Stage 1 camshaft kit is for a standard (not forged) engine and will work along with other mod..
Ex Tax: £665.83
Sitech Racing Custom spec Camshaft (stage 2)
  The Stage  camshaft kit is for a Forged engine with a big turbo conversion Th..
Ex Tax: £707.50
SITECH stage 5.2 conversion
The Sitech stage 5.2 Power Package Consists of Revo stage 5 remap Ra..
Ex Tax: £12,416.67
ZVH - Getrag 6 Speed Conversion Driveshafts
Custom made for Sitech Racing only avalible direct from us!  These shafts allow you to ..
Ex Tax: £491.67
ZVH Cometic Head Gasket
Sitech Designed Head Gasket only avalible From Sitech Racing. This Reusable head gasket elim..
Ex Tax: £95.83
ZVH Reusable Head bolts
Set of 10 Reuable Head bolts For ZVH engines ..
Ex Tax: £32.50
ZVH Stage 4 Camshaft
This is an off the shelf camshaft, designed to work with the increased capacity of the ZVH engine..
Ex Tax: £175.00
ZVH Timing Belt Tensioner
Timing belt tensioner for ZVH engines ..
Ex Tax: £49.17
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