Sitech Racing are an authorised Revo Technic dealer for VAG Remaps

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Our website uses Cookies.  Some relate to the function of our shopping cart and others collect anonymous information about how visitors use our site, which is then used to help improve the site. The information collected includes the number of site visitors, where visitors come to the site from and the pages they visited but does not directly identify a specific individual.

Shopping Cart Cookies

Our shopping cart uses a number of cookies to remember your preferred choices:

language - defaults to English, expires 30 days
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cookiesDisclosureCount - counts how many times the Cookie Alert box has been shown, expires 1 day
cookiesDirective - stores whether cookies have been accepted, expires 365 days

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics, which uses cookies, to help analyse how visitors use our website. Cookies set are:

__utma - Typical content: randomly generated number, expires: 2 years
__utmb - Typical content: randomly generated number, expires: 30 minutes
__utmz - Typical content: randomly generated number and information about how the page was reached (eg directly or via a link, organic search or paid search), expires: 6 months
__utmc - depreciated.

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