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Magazine Features

Sitech Racing are pleased to have had our work featured in several national magazines and industry publications. Some of the features are available to download below.

Banzai Cover Car, January 2009

Underground Graphics Mitsubishi GTO, Banzai FeatureEditor Joe Clifford never thought he would find himself putting a Mitsubishi GTO on the front cover of Banzai Magazine. That all changed with the January issue which sees the Mitsubishi owned by Underground Graphics right there on the front. Not only that it received a 7 page feature and pull out poster!

More Autobahn driving provided some entertainment for the faster cars among the group. A race between the Mitsuishi GTO and a local Corvette Z06 left our car begging for mercy as they pulled away from our poor Vectra at over 150mph. J Tuner, January 2006

The GTO always offered speed and comfort, but an extreme weigt loss programme from Sitech Racing has turned this Mitsubishi into a lean, tuned track toy.

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Fast Ford, October 2008

Sitech Racing featured in Fast Ford as SpecialistSitech Racing received a 6 page Fast Tech Specialist feature in Fast Ford.

Recognising the most recent handling and aero modifications to our own Demo Car the guys from the magazine are impressed with the full package:

Having been out in this car at Croft we’ve seen just how potent and stable it is. Power is one thing, but the way the car puts it down and grips is phenomenal. It holds a few records already and there is no doubt on the right day it will claim even more.

If you want to go fast, handle well or go completely bonkers, Sitech Racing can do it.

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Fast Car, January 2008

Third feature for our Escort RS Turbo Project Car in a year - another 4 pages laid down, this time in Fast Car Magazine.

With years of experience working on high profile motors, Simon Smail knew just how to get the most from his S2 RS Turbo. 500bhp from a hardcore blown series Zetec - nice.

Fast Ford, September 2007

Sitech Racing  500bhp Escort RS Turbogets Fast Ford cover featureOur Escort RS Turbo Project Car was now pushing over 500 bhp and suitably impressed Fast Ford gave the car received its second feature by way of a cover and 8 page article in September 2007's Fast Ford.

A lot of the things you see on Simon's car are one-offs. From the carbon fibre gurneys to disrupt airflow, draw heat out of the engine compartment and aid down force on the rear spoiler to the droop limiters on the suspension turrets and the near solid suspension, everything is well thought out and done for a reason. Well, two reasons, massive power and for using that power.

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Performance Ford, December 2006

Sitech Racing S2 RS in Performance Ford Magazine10 months after acquiring our RS Turbo Performance Ford offered a 6 page feature of work to date which saw the car pushing a nice 360-370bhp.

So thre you have it, a monster Series Two, that although still very much a work in progress, is an absolute animal and the perfect demonstration of Simon's ability. With cars like this coming out of his workshop, we're pretty confident this isn't going to be the last we hear of Sitech Racing...

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