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G4+ Fury ECU

G4+ Fury ECU
G4+ Fury ECU
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G4+ Fury ECU

G4+ Fury ECU
The Link G4+ Fury, a brand new 6 cylinder ECU to add to our extensive range. Fully featured, fully enabled and our first ECU to include on-board digital wideband control, along with single e-throttle. 6 x ignition outputs and 8 x fuel outputs.

Requires "A" & "B" Looms


Shipped locked and must be enabled before use. This increases security of shipping and provides information on when an ECU is first used for warranty purposes. Add "A" & "B" Loom if needed

The G4+ Fury has onboard digital wide-band lambda and e-throttle.

Designed and built to be the best six cylinder ECU on the market, the Fury delivers the results.


  • 10 digital input channels
  • 4 analog temperature channels
  • 9 analog volt channels
  • 1 internal wideband lambda controller
  • 2 trigger inputs
  • 2 knock inputs


  • 10 auxiliary output channels
  • 8 peak and hold injection outputs
  • 6 ignition outputs
  • +5V sensor power supply
  • +8V sensor power supply


  • 2 CAN bus modules
  • 1 serial (RS232) connection
  • 1 USB tuning connection


  • Internal electronic throttle control
  • Internal barometric pressure sensor
  • 32 MB of internal logging memory
  • Trigger scope hardware

Software -PCLink

  • Fast tuning with keyboard driven commands
  • Six hundred pages of help on "right-click"
  • Powerful logging analysis built into PCLink
  • Tabbed, user configurable layout

  • Four stroke, two stroke, and rotary engines supported.
  • Engines up to 12 cylinders supported (six cylinder sequential ignition).
  • Rotary engines up to 3 rotors supported.


  • Three fuel equation modes:
    • Traditional mode for quicker and simpler tuning setup.
    • Modelled mode, more complex, but delivers superior results.
    • Modelled - Multi Fuel, similar to Modelled mode but provides accurate fueling regardless of fuel blend. Often used for system running petrol-ethanol.
  • Support for group, sequential, group-staged, and sequential-staged injection configurations.
  • Accurate modelling and adjustment of fueling based on:
    • Intake manifold pressure
    • Throttle position
    • Engine size
    • Fuel pressure
    • Fuel temperature
    • Elevation
    • Fuel density
    • Current blended fuel stoichiometric ratio
    • Fuel charge cooling
    • Engine coolant temperature
    • Intake air temperature
    • Charge temperature estimation
    • Injector flow rate
  • Support for high impedance (saturated) and low impedance (peak and hold) injectors. Configurable injector currents in peak and hold modes..
  • 2D or 3D injector dead-time table with configurable axis.
  • Injector short pulse width adder table for areas of non-linear injector flow.
  • Advanced injector testing function that allows for control over total number of pulses, rate of pulses, and pulse length.
  • Four cold start stages based on engine speed, fuel blend, and engine coolant temperature. Auto adjusts cold start settings based on current fuel blend.
  • Optional 4D and 5D overlay tables with adjustable axis to allow more complex fueling arrangements to be setup.
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