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After market Intercoolers & Radiators

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Devils own Water Methanol Injection Kit
  This kit is designed for all turbo/supercharged petrol or diesel..
Ex Tax: £275.00
Forge motorsport Uprated intercooler
  If you are looking to upgrade the intercooler on your MK2 Focus RS, we really do have ..
Ex Tax: £523.95
PRO Alloy BIG Boost Pipe Kit
  A must for all re-mapped RS's, Everything you need is included in the kit. Ma..
Ex Tax: £285.00
Pro Alloy Intercooler Focus MK2 RS
  After months of testing and development, Pro Alloy have come up with what has to be th..
Ex Tax: £474.96
Pro Alloy Radiator
Made by the Masters at PRO ALLOY Reduces Water temps by up to 10degree's under hard use ..
Ex Tax: £461.25
Radtec Intercooler
High performance large front mount intercooler, manufactured from high grade aluminium and offeri..
Ex Tax: £325.00
SCC Performance Spec Oil Cooler kit
We work very closley with SCC Performance and together we can supply the ultimate oil cooler..
Ex Tax: £333.25
Spec-R Intercooler & Hard Pipework
This kit is The best on the market at the moment, We have tested this intercooler kit on our Dyno..
Ex Tax: £1,290.00
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