Sitech Racing are an authorised Revo Technic dealer for VAG Remaps


Having worked for various race car manufactures Sitech has been involved in many fabrication tequniques, so whether you require a new plenum chamber manufactured or a simple battery box we have the expertise.


Custom welded screamer pipes for Mitsubishi GTOWe have capacity to carry out Mig and Tig welding with both aluminium and stainless steel.

Photo on the right shows a pair of custom 2.5" downpipes and 1.5" side exit screamer pipes.

Aftermarket ECUs play a key part in allowing us to tune cars to perfom at the highest level. Sitech is pleased to offer the Gotech range of ECUs, which in our opinion offer the best value for money of any aftermarket ECU on the market. We can supply ECUs along with wiring harness for you to fit yourself or we can install and map your chosen ECU for you. Please see our Engine Management page for pricing details.

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