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Time Attack Championship

Over the last year we have been competing in the Time Attack Championship testing our products to the limit so we know that they are the best on the market.

Round 1 - Cadwell Park

Round 1 saw us traveling down to Cadwell Park Linconshire, This was our first Official race event with the Focus.

We had spent the best part of the week before prepping the car for what turned out to be a mammoth challenge! But we love a challenge! 

So the day started and we went into practice that car held up really well. Next up was the warm-up session it also went well.

Qualifying came after lunch which we manage to place 4th which nailed us 20 points unfortunatly we suffered an engine mount failure which meant we couldn't go back out for the final. 


Round 2 - Knockhill

For Round 2 it was a short 15mile trip to Knockhill Racing Circuit, after the engine mount issue at Cadwell Park we had re thought the engine mount and placed a damper in there to test it.

First up was practice and warm up whis both went really well we had no problems at all with the car.

We then headed into Qualifying ready to go! We managed to qualify 2nd behind Bo Neilsen who was flying! He put in a lap of 58.11 and we managed a 1:00.531.

Luckily for us Bo sufferd a turbo fault which saw him run laps of around 1:11 whilst we were running1:01.2 which in turn meant that we finished in 1st place!! 


Round 3 - Brands Hatch

Round 3 took us all the way down to Brands Hatch in Kent, England.

The car had very little work done on it after the sucess of Round 2 at Knockhill, we went out on to the track for practice and all was good, Then disaster struck again!

One of the car's brake lines decided it had had enough and split, it wouldn't have been so bad if it was under the car but it wasn't, it was right next to the extremly hot turbo which caused a fire in the engine bay! Luckily one of the other teams had some spare brake pipe and a flaring tool for us to borrow, we quickly fixed the problem and the car was all good to go again.

With the disaster in the practise session all fixed we missed the qualifying so it was right into the final and it was nail biting stuff! Jonny Fletcher in his Astra GSi was just ahead of us with a 59.16 whilst we were on a 59.58, Bo Neilsen dominated again with a 56.82.

Rounds 4 + 5 Anglesey Circuit

Rounds 4+5 had us travelling down the west coast to Wales for the full weekend as it was a double header! 

This time the car had a few days prep on it and a lot more fire proofing as we didn't want what happened at Brands to strike again! 

We ran in practice and warm up without any problems until the last lap which saw us having to change exhaust manifold gaskets in the pit garage which isn't an easy job considring the weight of our turbo. 

We took our time to make sure everything was going to be okay and bolted it back together hoping it was going to work, all was well with the car again but again we missed qualifying.

So out to the final again and the car was running awesome!  We managed to grab second place behind Bo Neilsen in his Astra and stay in front of Dave Ward in his Mini.

Back out on the Sunday for practice and the car is still running really well today the track had changed from previous so it was a big learning curve again!

We got through warm up and into qualifying and placed 2nd!

So final time once again and the car is holding together with no problems! We ended up second again with much the same order as the day before.

All in all a very good weekend in Wales!

Rounds 6+7 Snetterton 

Rounds 6+7 had us travelling for just under 12 hours to get to Snetterton Race Circuit in Norfolk 

Satuarday morning and the car is prepped ready to go, we got through practice, warm-up, qualifying and into the finals with out any problems.

The car was driven hard all day and the track was definitely in our favour as it was for cars with bigger power not handling which shows in the times we were 0:00.12 off the leader, that's how close Time Attack can be! 

Sunday morning, after a long night checking the car over etc. it was ready, practice over and done with, it was all good.

On to warm up and disaster again the turbo oil drain pipe had split, this time sadly this couldn't be fixed at the track so we had to load the car up and head home.

On the whole we finished 4th in the championship, just a shame it didnt want to play ball in the last round as we could have finished on the podium!

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